High Fidelity Prototype


The aim of this app is to review the past, record the present and remind for the future.

Screen shots of screens!

Task 1:

Task 1: set up personal profile based on personal details, symptoms, lifestyle, environment and risk factors and link any devices (or reminders set.)

Task 2:

Make a diary entry for today, noting symptoms and activities

Task 3:

Review past days in the calendar

Other features include:

  • Track attack
  • Take photo
  • View previous photos­­
  • Deep dive weather and location
  • Track coffee animation
  • Make a note today
  • Look at calendar month, deep dive
  • Listen to song animation

App run through

Link to high fidelity prototype

See MyRaynauds app here

See Appendix for task flow of recording and profile set up details.

Strenghts, Weaknesses, Changes and Future Work

Strengths, include being a working tracking diary based on real life risk factors and symptoms. The only other one like this doesn’t fully work as I demonstrated earlier.

Weaknesses would definitely be lack of users to test on, working alone and being still relatively new to UX processes. I covered physical impairment but that was all I had time to focus on. Weaknesses also include not actually knowing what I might have missed!

As I focused on physical impairment, other impairments were put to one side, so it is not 100% universal. For future work, I would like to include more voice features to avoid use of the hands overall, focus on other impairments, such as sight.

Other future work would include more user tests. People with Raynaud’s often have different levels of the disease, so it would be interesting to see how the different severities are able to manage the app. and if the reminders, over time do help to reduce the occurrence of attacks and improve lives.


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